Monday, November 1, 2010

Faydi: Iran is involved in Crimes

Dr. Muhammad Bashar al Faidi clarified his opinions with al Jazeera "Night's Guest" program related to Wikileaks released documents and other issues. At the program he stated that such a great bulk of classified documents must have shocked the international community and Muslim world to take action.

He also pointed out clear and apparent involvement of Iranian regime to the tyranny, crimes against humanity and other violations perpetrated against innocent Iraqis more than seven years. Dr. Faidi stressed that Iranian ambassador to Iraq is directly involved in the domestic issues.

HEYET official spokesperson at the program said they have a recorded document of one prison who witnessed brutal tortures in one prison belonging to current interior ministry where Iranians were also participating in the tortures and abuses. In parallel with this issue he referred Iranian support to the USA as providing money, weapon and information to sectarian militia groups and demolishing of former state.

The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (HEYET) official told: "The events taken place in Iraq is the unique one in the modern history. We have witnessed crimes against humanity and genocide. We have witnessed unbelievable things while world community kept quiet and UN Secretary General had very little interest to what was happening in this injured country."

For the position of HEYET he emphasized that from the very early beginning of occupation, HEYET systematically recorded most of violations, human right abuses, crimes perpetrated by both occupation forces and its government security forces through documentation, press releases and statements. "In this regard, we -as HEYET- are eager to hand over every document it has revealing those criminals took part in the political process since 2003to an international tribunal. We expect international community and Arabic world to take concrete actions in this country which turned into slaughterhouse.”

He also clarified that the role model promoted by the America to the humanity is far away from respect on the contrary humiliating and insulting the humanity. Dr. Faydi ended his speech saying: “Unfortunately this country named itself as global power has surrendered this country to the butchers. It exceeded every criteria of democracy and insulted the voice of citizens. After witnessing the violations of Iraqis we say that they are the last one to mention about human rights and laws.”

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