Friday, March 4, 2011

Mass arrest of Sunni Muslims in Iranian kurdistan

Twenty people from the Sunni Kurdish religious activists were arrested

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Organization twenty people from religious activists in the cities of Paveh, Bukan, Piranshahr, Mahabad and Saqez by Intelligence Ministry forces arrested and were transferred to Evin prison in Tehran.

They were arrested only because they are Sunni activists!!.

The following are the names of our Iranian Sunni Muslim brethren arrested and oppressed by the Iranian Regime which claims to be a promoter of "Muslim Unity" and a well-wisher of the Muslim Ummah(both sunnis and shiites) especially of the Palestinian plight.

The names of those arrested are as follows:

1- Mohammad Baraie, Bukan

2- Osman Ahsani, Bukan

3- Hemen Mohammadi, Bukan

4- Hesam Mohammadi, Bukan

5- Sediq Ahmadi, Bukan

6- Abdulla Khosrawzadeh, Bukan

7- Sobhan Mohammadi, Paveh

8- Jamal Solaymani, Paveh

9- Satar Amini, Paveh

10- Khalil Mohammadi, Paveh

11- Hassan Abdullahi, Piranshahr

12-Ali Minaie, Piranshahr

13-Abubaker Karimi, Mahabad

14- Davood Abdullahi, Mahabad

15-Khosraw Basharatfar, Mahabad

16- Qasem Abasteh, Mahabad

17- Kamaran Shikheh, Mahabad

18-Anwar Khezri, Mahabad

19-Osman Aminpur, Saqez

20- Farhad Salimi, Saqez

It should be mentioned here that Iranian safavid regime always arrests and kills Sunni Muslims just because Sunni Muslims do not believe in the apostasy of the Sahaba, the deviation of the prophet's wives, the infalliacy of the Imams, the existence of Imam Qaem etc. detaining is something common that befalls our Sunni brethren from the Rafdhi republic in Iran.

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