Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bahrain minister points to Iran link to unrest

Bahraini minister accused demonstrators Friday of having a "foreign agenda," running over unarmed policemen in cars and beating up patients in a major hospital, Reuters reported.

Fatima al Beloushi, minister for social development, said the demonstrators had links to a neighboring country and Hezbollah..

"What we have discovered after the government took over the roundabout and took back the hospital, we found out that those people who were doing it were instigated by a foreign country and by Hezbollah," al Beloushi told a news conference in Geneva.

"We have direct proof. Hezbollah has provided training for their people. They were serving a foreign agenda and that is why it was not something for having a better livelihood. They were fulfilling an outside political agenda," she said.

"The demonstrators occupied the (Salmaniyah) hospital, they were beating up the patients, they were attacking the ambulance," she said. "They used ambulances later on to transfer weapons, to transfer demonstrators just for their purposes."

"It is totally the opposite, they were running over police officers and killing them while the country tried to be as peaceful as it can with them."


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